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Superior location and traffic
Changzhou Ankang Medical Instrument Co., Ltd is located in Changzhou,which is in the south of Jiangsu Porvince. As near Shanghai, the largestport in China, with many shipping lines and air routes to most ports ofthe world, we enjoys a convenient delivery.

Characteristic disposable surgical staplers
Specialized in both researching, manufacturing and selling abdominal surgery equipments, anorectal, urology surgery equipments, medical suture materials and adhesives, we mainly produce disposable surgical staplers and their auxiliary equipments.

Modern workshop and facilities
Being equipped with advanced manufacturing machineries and state-of-art testing instruments, our company has a modern manufacturing facilities with an 100,000 grade air-controlled workshop,10,000 grade sterile testing laboratory. Our company takes the lead in technology, which has a highly qualified management group and a number of skilled personnel. The products we produced are more practical and reliable as we are targeted at the advanced peer companies and combined with clinical experience. We have formed our own characteristic on the basis of product quality.

Excellent sales team and technical surport
we have a powerful sales network and sales team, at the same time we are expanding the domestic market posotively as well as the international market. Under the cooperation with Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Wannan Medical College, our company had successfully established students' practice base to train graduate students, which will ensure a steady and rapid development to our company.

Steady production capabilities
Against the ISO9001 QMS certification and CE certificate, our factory is equipped with the modern manufacturing facilities with an 100,000 grade air-controlled workshop,10,000 grade sterile testing laboratory, we can produce more than 3000 units one month, allowing to delivery the goods as little as three weeks and to guarantee both the quality and the quantity.









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