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Roll on TIHE 2021
Dear friends!Due to the continuing global impact of COVID-19, international travel restrictions, the lockdown and quarantine measures of Uzbekistan, and with the wellbeing of our visitors and partners to of mind, we’re truly sorry to infor···
Medical Protective Clothing
Scope of Application:For clinical medical personnel in the work of contact with the potentially infectious patient's blood, body fluids, secretions, etc.Ankang Medical offers complete range of medical protective clothing.SterileSpecific···
New Year Holiday Notice
Dear friends,Please be noted that our company will be on holiday from Feb.1st to 10th for the Chinese Lunar New Year. Your emails can be received and replied within 24 hours. If you have urgent inquiry, feel free to contact our representati···
CAK staplers in Military hospital of Myanmar
On Dec.30th, 2016, our sole agent in Myanmar organized an introduction meeting in military hospital, over 200 professors, surgeons and medical workers participated in that meeting.The subject of that meeting is to make detailed introduction···